We invent modern custom software systems for forward thinking organisations

We know we can modernise your systems and capture the uniqueness of your business in a fully supported custom software application. Custom software development that is unique to your business will differentiate your organisation in the marketplace.

We have been doing this for over 20 years for many happy clients. We love working with forward thinking organisations who are passionate about leading their industry. Using the latest technology, we invent software systems that enable our clients to outperform their competition.

When should you consider custom software development?

An off-the-shelf solution can appear a more affordable, faster alternative to custom software. Most organisations find this is not the case. There are several scenarios where custom software development will be more suited:

Uniqueness of your operations

Often, in an attempt to roll-out a solution quickly and save costs, organisations try to fit an off-the-shelf system, promising industry best practice, around their unique business operations. Which is the exact same thing their competitors are doing. We will capture the uniqueness of your business and differentiate your company in the marketplace with custom software.

Hidden cost of integration

A common issue we see with organisations who choose off-the-shelf software is insufficient integration. Inadequate integration results in staff having to enter and maintain information in multiple systems without a single source of truth – a productivity nightmare. We will build you a custom software system that fully integrates to existing business systems.

The customisation trap

The majority of off-the-shelf software will not allow meaningful customisation to its core functionality. Adding or subtracting features could lead to too many or too few functions for your company. The custom software system we will build for you will cater for the specific functions your business requires – this way you get, and pay for, what you need.

Why should you consider custom software development?

A software system tailored to your company’s specific needs with a focus on scalability and efficiency will mean the difference between offering a commoditised service or a highly differentiated one at a more profitable price. Here are a number of ways custom software will benefit your business:

Increased productivity

A system that is specifically designed with your needs in mind will enable your team to work faster and smarter. One integrated software platform, rather than separate software systems, will yield major efficiency gains as all the data is in one place and staff don’t have to switch between different systems to get their work done.

Competitive advantage

A custom system that is ideally suited to your specific business operations will provide the means to outperform your competition. This advantage continues to grow the more you invest in your proprietary system.

Marketing domination

Over time your business needs will change and your industry will evolve. Being able to react quickly to these changes can mean the difference between market domination and obsolesces. Custom software systems can be extended and enhanced quickly to cater for these changes.

Who We’ve Invented Custom Software For

Digital Transformation of the Customer Experience for Clipsal by Schneider Electric


The Clipsal and Solentive partnership began in 2005 when Clipsal engaged Solentive to develop a digital version of its trade product guide, currently known as eCatalogue. Over the past ten years, Solentive has been a trusted technology advisor to Clipsal, using the latest technologies to invent software systems that are critical in enhancing the customer experience and providing long-term sustainable competitive advantage.

The result of the Solentive-built systems has seen an increase in revenue and market share and reaffirmed Clipsal as a leader in the data communications, industrial and home automation market.

Clients we have helped

Digital Transformation: Schneider Electric

Increasing Customer acquisition by empowering channel consultants

Schneider Electric

Mobile App Development: UNSW

Transforming grading to increase accuracy & consistency


Custom Software Solution: JJ Richards & Sons

Improving processes, driving cost reductions and increasing customer satisfaction by revolutionising collection runs

JJ Richards & Sons

Systems Integration: Optus

New reverse logistics system to reduce costs associated with faulty mobile devices and to boost efficiency


Custom Software Solution: UTS Insearch

Driving student enrolments into UTS by streamlining support processes at UTS:INSEARCH

UTS Insearch


Customer Experience: Big Red Group

Contributing to the global growth aspirations of BRG by assisting in the transition of their eCommerce website