Software Development Services

We don’t just build software. We invent software.
When you engage our software development services you are investing in more than just a software system. You are investing in a digital transformation of your business and the way you engage with your customers.

Our clients come to us, and stay with us, because we have the knowledge and experience to create a software system that will provide enduring competitive advantage. To us, creating software is an art, not a thousand lines of code. To you, the system is a valuable asset that will propel your business ahead of your competitors.

Our software development services include:

Custom Software Development

You have a unique part of your business that differentiates you from your competitors. Nothing “off-the-shelf” fits. You want fit-for-purpose.
So how do you choose the right solution?

We have proven collaborative processes to ensure your custom software development project is designed and developed with you as part of the journey. You know your business, we know how to design and develop custom software. Using the latest technology, we invent software systems that enable our clients to outperform their competition.

Enterprise Mobile Applications

Reaching and engaging customers that are using a variety of mobile devices across a number of mobile platforms has become a growing challenge for many organisations. Cross-platform mobile applications address this challenge by enabling organisations to invest in one application that can be deployed on all three dominant mobile platforms (iOS, Android and Windows). Solentive-built cross-platform mobile applications cost 60% less to build and are deployed faster than three discreet native apps.

Systems Integration

Is your organisation’s data or information missing accuracy, consistency or sufficiency? We can help you bridge together your disconnected systems for stronger organisational visibility and control. Our systems integration services will enable you to reap the benefits of all your IT investments.

Project Recovery

If you’ve outgrown your legacy software applications, need to enhance your current system or are struggling with systems that operate in silos, we can help. Our Project Recovery service is designed to revitalise systems that are not meeting your needs. We will remediate your current systems and get you back on track.

Resource Augmentation

If you have deadlines quickly approaching and need a team of experienced IT professionals, we can help. For over 20 years, we have placed experienced, dedicated and qualified software developers in our clients’ internal teams. Whether you need a single software developer or a team of IT professionals, we will provide experienced Solentive Certified IT professionals trained in the Solentive Practical Agile Methodology.

Agile Custom Software Development Process

We have been delivering successful custom software projects for customers of varying size for over 20 years. During this time, we have seen a lot of change in both technology and delivery methodologies. We have found that there is no single development methodology that fits all clients. An Agile, flexible approach, tailored to each client and each project is the only approach that works without fail. If you have a project that needs help, we have Software Recovery Services too.

Clients we have helped

Digital Transformation: Schneider Electric

Increasing Customer acquisition by empowering channel consultants

Schneider Electric

Mobile App Development: UNSW

Transforming grading to increase accuracy & consistency


Custom Software Solution: JJ Richards & Sons

Improving processes, driving cost reductions and increasing customer satisfaction by revolutionising collection runs

JJ Richards & Sons

Systems Integration: Optus

New reverse logistics system to reduce costs associated with faulty mobile devices and to boost efficiency


Custom Software Solution: UTS Insearch

Driving student enrolments into UTS by streamlining support processes at UTS:INSEARCH

UTS Insearch


Customer Experience: Big Red Group

Contributing to the global growth aspirations of BRG by assisting in the transition of their eCommerce website