Project Stats


Highly accessible platform managing more than 1500 students each semester


Solentive and UTS:INSEARCH’s partnership began in 2006


Application built within tight 3-month time frame

The Client

UTS:INSEARCH is a controlled entity of the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) that provides local and international students with academic pathway programs that lead into bachelor degree or post-graduate courses offered at UTS. UTS:INSEARCH are committed to supporting students to achieve their goals throughout their academic and career journey.

The Brief

As part of their strive to provide fitting support to their students, UTS:INSEARCH wanted to increase visibility into student assessments for student counsellors to ensure that students at risk of failing a course could be identified early. Once identified, assistance could be provided to help these specific students successfully complete their course.

The Product

Solentive was chosen by UTS:INSEARCH based on the strength of existing workflow expertise and due to the success of an earlier engagement. A web-based application was developed that provides UTS:INSEARCH counsellors with access to student assessments entered into the system by course lecturers.

The new application was integrated with Student One, the UTS:INSEARCH student management system. This system was designed to provide easy access to insights of student needs without interrupting the teaching process.

The Result

The assessment software enabled for a student support mechanism including a feedback and tracking functionality used by educators to monitor and analyse the performance of ‘at risk’ students. With the application in use, it:

  • Increased student satisfaction from increased tailored support

  • Decreased the failure rate of courses

  • Increased student supply to UTS

Over the years, Solentive has become our long-term, preferred partner when developing new systems or enhancing existing systems. Their expertise has helped us to maintain our position as a premium pathway provider and continue to grow in the highly competitive education sector, especially in the international student market.

Steve LindsayICT Manager