Project Stats

Introduction of efficiencies mean no longer maintaining the old legacy tech stack


Increase in mobile conversions

Feature-rich commercial platform allows “piggy-backing” off Salesforce innovations

The Client

The BRG is the parent company to businesses RedBalloon,, Marketics and Adrenaline, and is the third largest pure play experience marketplace globally. They are considered the best at what they do – delivering experiences, activities and “things to do.” Solentive have been a go-to partner when BRG have needed assistance with more complex technology projects.

The Brief

As a cornerstone to the BRG’s global aspirations, they invested heavily in new, world-class technologies in 2018. This included a new cloud-based eCommerce platform to replace their ageing website, with the aim to improve performance and customer experience. The BRG originally partnered with a product specialist, but missed deadlines and spiralling costs led to the decision to implement the solution in house. A somewhat complex business model required a significant amount of development and customisation as well as challenges around integration with business partners and experience providers. These factors, coupled with tight deadlines, meant the BRG needed additional expertise to deliver the project on time and within budget.

The Product

The decision to move to a cloud-based platform was driven by a need to improve performance, enable international scale and improve the mobile customer experience. Solentive and BRG worked together on a “Mobile First” development.

Solentive’s multidisciplinary engineers were able to seamlessly integrate with the BRG team and using Solentive’s tried and tested methodologies and approach, they were able to progress the project immediately. This collaborative partnership ensured the project was delivered on time and to the high standards required.

The Result

The website transition will enable the BRG to realise their global aspirations, allowing them to move closer to their vision to “serve a customer an experience every second somewhere on earth.” The partnership between Solentive and  BRG was further solidified and the teams worked collaboratively and united as one. The new, fully operational platform gives the BRG confidence to scale, with almost immediate improvements in performance paving the way for future growth. 

Quality resources were provided and they behaved like "one of us" straight away, working out what needed to be done and getting it done quickly. The cultural fit was effortless and they became part of the family; breaking our hearts a little when they left.

Brett RavenChief Information Officer