Project Stats


Years of partnership between Schneider Electric and Solentive


Grew user base of Clipspec to 1000+ consultants


Increased sales of Schneider Electric products

The Client

Schneider Electric (Schneider) is a market leader in the electrical accessories, data communications, industrial and home automation markets. Schneider continues to distinguish themselves by providing electrical solutions that are the most technologically-advanced.

The Brief

Having built the relationship between Schneider Electric and Solentive originally by developing eCatalogue, a digital product guide for Schneider in 2005, the relationship grew further with a new opportunity Schneider identified. As part of their push for continuous improvement, Schneider wanted to make the process of purchasing electrical products easier for their customers when building their home. To do so, they envisaged a software program that would allow channel consultants to showcase Schneider products easily. The idea behind this vision was to increase sales through various market channels.

The Product

Solentive developed Clipspec, a visually-driven, powerful, CAD-like application that allows channel consultants to interact with their customers’ floor-plan and Schneider products. The desktop app displays rich product information graphics and enables Schneider’s channel consultants to create custom designs, generate detailed quotes with intelligent pricing and initiate orders.

The application was developed using Microsoft frameworks for desktop and communications with a client server architecture, and meshes desktop and web offering a complete solution.

The Result

Clipspec enabled Schneider Electric to reap many benefits across different areas of their business. Schneider Electric consultants were able to showcase Schneider products through powerful, interactive graphics and upsell products to customers during the house-build process. Satisfaction on the customer’s end improved, creating increased sales through market channels ultimately bringing Schneider Electric a competitive advantage. The app offers a complete solution and supports business growth, and with continued development and improvements the app has gone from strength-to-strength, winning an Endeavour Award in 2017.

Clipspec has been a real success. It has empowered our channel consultants to easily showcase Clipsal products to customers. This has resulted in increased upselling and in turn, increased sales through our market channels.

Anthony LockeMarketing Systems Manager