Project Stats


Years of relationship between Solentive and Optus, continuously improving the system with additional features


Rolled out to more than 1000 Optus retail stores, dealers and re-sellers


Points benefits reaped by Optus from the new reverse logistics web application

The Client

Optus is a leading provider of integrated telecommunications, delivering cutting-edge communications, information technology and entertainment services. At the core of the business are people who dedicate themselves to creating a better and connected Australia.

The Brief

It’s difficult for anybody living in today’s society to go about their day without a functioning mobile phone. You’d feel alone and incomplete. Optus’ after-sales team, being responsible for repairing and replacing faulty mobile devices saw this universal issue as an opportunity to be prevented and solved for their customers. Optus wanted to automate, streamline and tighten their reverse logistics process.

More specifically, they wanted to track:

  • How many mobile devices were being returned at any one time

  • Which manufacturers were producing more faulty devices than others and;

  • Which stores were too readily replacing mobile devices where the customer was responsible for the damage

The Product

Using our hybrid development process, we developed a customised, automated system for Optus. The system helps track and manage faulty devices from the first point of customer contact to final delivery, including the provision of a loan phone.


To ensure that the system is scalable and able to meet Optus’ future reverse logistics requirements, Solentive used Microsoft stack technologies such as C#, SQL Server 2008, Reporting Services, Active Query Building, Aspose Cells and .NET 3.5.

The Result

Optus are able to track devices being returned and determine which devices to replace due to manufacturer fault and which claims to reject. Providing Optus with the ability to do so, increased cost savings as well as increased accountability for stores which replace not-at-fault devices.

From a customer point of view, Optus customers are now assured that if they encounter a problem with their mobile device, it will be replaced or repaired as quickly as possible.