Project Stats


Streamlined waste collections of 2 million households


A fleet of 1500 vehicles were transformed to make reporting easier for drivers


Happy customers

The Client

JJ Richards & Sons is Australia’s largest privately-owned waste management company. JJ Richards are committed to delivering efficient and cost-effective total waste management solutions to both commercial and domestic customers.  

The Brief

As a long-term running process that was used, JJ Richards’ drivers would be allocated a paper-based daily run sheet allowing them to document pick-up times and any issues that might arise during the collection process. This information would then be manually entered into a system and processed by head office. To resolve the problem of double-handling data that would create delays in resolving problems, JJ Richards wanted to streamline this process and make the reporting easier for their drivers.

Part of the problem and opportunity identified was for JJ Richards to improve their operations and better meet their customers’ needs.

The Product

Collaborating throughout each stage of the process, Solentive developed j-Track, a suite of applications for JJ Richards. The applications consisted of an in-vehicle console, an operations application and a j-Track server. Each of these applications enabled management visibility throughout the collections while automating the collection runs for drivers.

The Result

By implementing j-Track into their business, JJ Richards transformed their operations management system. The suite of applications allowed their drivers to be more efficient by having:

  • The task of coordinating day-to-day operations automated

  • Increasing the speed of operational problems to be resolved

  • Enabled real-time tracking and monitoring of day-to-day operations

With improved efficiency, JJ Richards was able to reduce overall costs, increase employee and customer satisfaction and open new business opportunities.

j-Track has revolutionised our business. Not only has it given us the insight into the collection runs and location of our assets, it has allowed us to take that information and improve processes that have seen a reduction in cost and an increase in productivity. Staff and customer satisfaction has also increased significantly.

Matthew SchoemakerCIO